Privacy Policy Sol Casino

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") applies to Sol Casino India. By visiting the Website and using its services, the User automatically confirms that he has read and fully accepts the terms of this Policy.

This Privacy Policy establishes the conditions observed by the Administration of the Website in order to protect the privacy of the User, as well as the order of collection, processing and storage of personal data.

Administration of Sol Casino reserves the right to make changes to this Policy from time to time. Changes come into force immediately after their publication on the site. Administration is not responsible for the consequences of failure to comply with the User of the terms of this Policy.

Personal information of the User

Personal information is any information about you, by which you can be identified on the Site. User's data are not verified by the Administration. It is assumed that they are accurate and up-to-date.

The Site collects such personal data:

  • Technical data: IP address, browser and others.
  • Information about the mobile device used to access the Site.
  • Information about the User's actions on the Site.
  • Cookies.

Use of personal information

The Site uses the User's personal information for the following lawful purposes:

  • To administer and develop the Site.
  • To improve the user experience.
  • To develop new products, services and offers.
  • To collect, process and conduct statistical and other research and analysis of information.
  • To liaise with the user in the case of his/her contact with the Support Service.
  • Fulfilment of subscription obligations.
  • Data recipients
  • To achieve the goals specified in the Policy, the Administration may provide access to the User's personal information to third-party service providers providing the operation of the Site.

When processing personal data by counterparties, the same level of protection of the User's personal information as provided for in this Policy will be observed. At the request of a court or other administrative body within the framework of an investigation related to illegal activities, the Administration may disclose personal information to them.

Principles of personal data processing

The Administration fully respects the fundamental rights of Users and considers the protection of their personal data as a priority. Accordingly, when processing personal data, the Administration is guided by the following basic principles:

  • Provides personal data only for lawful and fair processing and maintains full transparency regarding the processing of personal data.
  • Collects and processes personal data only for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and does not process them in a manner incompatible with these purposes.
  • Processes personal data only to the extent necessary and appropriate for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Make reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of personal data and keep it up to date where necessary, taking all reasonable steps to delete or correct it immediately if it is inaccurate.
  • Process personal data in a way that ensures its security, using appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Terms and conditions for the processing of personal data:

  • As data controller and in accordance with the Gambling Regulations, the company is legally obliged to process players' personal data to enable them to participate in games and use additional services. This privacy policy explains what personal data is collected and used from players and why.
  • The Sol Casino website (the "Casino", the "Site", the "Company", "We", "Us", "Our") is owned by GALAKTIKA N.V., a company incorporated and registered under the laws of Curaçao with business number 151002 and registered office at Julianaplein 36, Willemstad, Curaçao.
  • By registering on the website, you agree to this privacy policy. Please do not use this site if you do not accept the terms of the Privacy Policy and do not wish to provide us with the required personal information.

Data collection

The personal data we collect for our use and processing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The data you provide to us when you complete the registration form on our Website and any other data you subsequently provide to us via the Website or by email (e.g. surname, first and middle name, date of birth, email address, telephone number).
  • communications between us via the Website, email, chat or other means of communication.
  • all transaction history of the Player Account, whether made through the Website(s) or other means of communication.
  • access and connection data including traffic data, GeoIP location, browser/device, network and activity logs and other traffic data stored on our system.
  • such documents and evidence as we may reasonably request to verify your Account, deposits or withdrawals and to carry out anti-fraud checks (by us or as required by applicable law). Such evidence may include scanned copies of passports, deposit slips, bank statements, etc.
  • participation in surveys or other customer assessments that we may conduct from time to time.

Protection of confidential data

To ensure the proper use and integrity of personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorised or accidental access, processing, deletion, alteration or other unauthorised or accidental use of such data, the administration applies security measures in accordance with applicable law.

Information shall be processed in such a way as to ensure its security.

Personal data shall be processed exclusively by the authorised personnel of the Website with strict confidentiality obligations.

In case of any damage or breach of confidentiality, the User will be notified by the Administration.

Periods of storage of personal data

The User's personal data shall be stored for the period necessary to fulfil the legitimate purposes of the Administration.

Upon expiry of the storage period, confidential information is deleted from the databases and systems of the Site.