1st Incredible India International Cruise Conference 2022



‘Cruise Tourism’ is one of the most Vibrant and fastgrowing components of the leisure industry worldwide. India, given its vast and beautiful coastline, virgin forests, undisturbed idyllic islands and cultural heritage has tremendous potential to make itself a magnificent destination for cruise tourists.


The Government of India’s vision is to make India a significant player in the global cruise market, both for ocean and river cruises. Indian cruise market has the potential to grow by 10 X over the next decade, driven by rising demand and disposable incomes. India has enhanced its focus on Cruise sector with the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways actively promoting cruise tourism for its vast economic impact, infrastructure development and its potential for job creation. State Government’s Tourism Development Departments, Maritime Boards, etc. are also encouraged to promote Cruise and create suitable facilities in newer destinations and Ports

Measures Taken

  1. Guaranteed berths to cruise ships
  2. Ousting charges removed to attract more cruise vessels
  3. Uniform single rate for all major ports with discounts ranging from 42% to 67%
  4. e-Visa implemented enabling tourists to avail online and on-arrival visa facilities
  5. Single e-Landing card introduced, valid for all ports in cruise itinerary
  6. Cabotage waived for foreign cruise vessels on Indian shores
  7. Upgradation and Modernisation of Cruise - Terminal with more passenger amenities and convenience
  8. Construction of new Cruise Terminals taken up
  9. Roadmap drawn for the development of Cruise in India by Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways
  10. A task force is setup, co-chaired by Secretary (Shipping) and Secretary (Tourism) by Govt. of India to steer the promotional measures for cruise tourism at highest level
    jointly with all Stakeholders - Ports, Immigration, Tourism Boards, Port Health, Customs, Taxation Body, Security, Cruise Operators, Tour Operators, Shipping Agents etc.
  11. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP-2) for uniform, predefined proccesses in Ports is implemented
  12. Volume Discount Scheme in Port Tariff for Domestic Cruise Ships extended
  13. Sensitization Training Programme arranged for all Cruise Stakeholders
  14. India offers home porting


  • To disseminate the information about India’s preparedness for developing the Cruise Tourism sector
  • To present to the Cruise Lines and Operators an overview of the many and varied facilities and attraction, India has to offer
  • To showcase the region as a desirable destination for cruise passengers
  • To encourage the additional deployment of cruise vessel to India on a long term basis
  • To create an enabling and conducive environment for cruise lines to exchange views with the government authorities for operating in the region
  • To sensitize and prepare the various stakeholders to develop policies, procedures, processes to encourage cruise tourism in India


  • Inauguration by Hon’ble Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways
  • Promote Sea Cruises, Inland cruises and River cruises
  • Guide as to what’s required from a Cruise lines’ perspective
  • 200 delegates including from overseas
  • Combination of Exhibitions and Conference
  • Conference will discuss the opportunities & Govt’s policy initiative in developing Cruise Tourism
  • Conference will be attended by Captains of Cruising Industries
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